Is He Still Interested In Me

Published: 08th April 2011
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Dating is a fickle game, and most people have been handed the blow of never getting the call back after what seemed to be an amazing date at least once. The question "Is he still interested in me?" is answered abruptly by no repeat date, and we move forward. We never really know where we went wrong, or when the other person lost interest; we just know that at some point in the initial dating process we did or said something that made them realize they didnít need to see us again.

Rejection is always difficult to handle, but most of us realize that these things happen and recover from a loss of interest that occurs right out the gate. We move on and schedule our next date with someone new.

What happens when this is someone you have been dating for a while though? What should the reaction be when suddenly your boyfriend stops calling as frequently, or seems more interested in regular "guys nights" than he was before? There are so many questions to consider, and so many moments we may find ourselves questioning. We (as women) are prone to overanalyzing the situation to the point of absurdity in search of answers.

The problem is, men are not that complicated. Their thought process is not as drawn out as ours, and they are not as intentional in their decision making. So, how do you know if your man has indeed lost interest? There are a few key areas to consider:

ē Has he stopped calling when he said he would?

ē Have your date nights together become fewer and further between, opting instead for group activities that end in you each going your separate ways at the end of the night?

ē Has he seemed distracted or distant when the two of you are together?

Keep in mind that sometimes, life getís in the way and a man who truly is interested in you may just have too much going on to make you a priority at a certain point in time, especially if he deems your relationship solid. If this behavior lasts for any longer than 2 weeks however, and if he isnít coming to you for comfort in the midst of life stressors, there may be a problem. It is possible he is losing interest and trying to distance himself before gaining the nerve to officially end it.

In this situation there are a few things to keep in mind. First, crowding him is the exact wrong thing to do. Second, there may still be hope if you play your cards right.

Itís possible he is losing interest for any number of reasons, and some of those reasons may have nothing to do with you in reality. In those cases, you may still have a chance. Remain calm, and when you do see him try to be as positive and upbeat as possible. Wait for him to come to you, and when he does remind him why he fell for you in the first place. Be that girl you were when you first started dating, and donít allude to the fact that you are worried. If he was pulling away simply because life is getting to him and you seemed like the easiest place to direct the blame, he may come around if he senses that you arenít pressuring him and realizes that you arenít the source of his frustration.

Just remember that sometimes relationships end, and that no matter what you do you canít always repair the damage. If a man truly decides he is done and chooses to move on, the best thing you can do is maintain your dignity and hold your head high. In the end, he is much more likely to regret leaving a woman who behaved as though she knew she had other options than one who clings and pushes and makes him uncomfortable in the process.

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